There are numerous reasons for wanting to have a walk-in bath installed in your home, though for many older adults and those with limited mobility, it’s all about improving safety and simplifying the process while enhancing the look and feel of your bathroom. 

Walk-in baths are ideal for practically any home, though they’re especially beneficial for couples and individuals who find getting in and out of the tub increasingly challenging.  Here are just a few of the many features walk-in tubs provide, and why more households are choosing them to increase their quality of life.

  • The perfect combination of safety, comfort and luxurious elegance
  • More freedom to remain in your home for longer periods of time
  • Extra-wide door and low 3” step-in for effortless bath entry and exit
  • Easy to grip handles and grab bars for added confidence and stability
  • Powerful hydrotherapy jets for targeted relief of muscles and joints
  • Multi-function shower head to simplify the process of bathing and rinsing
  • Heated backrest to provide comforting warmth during and after

When the process of stepping in and out of the bathtub becomes more stressful than it is relaxing, having a walk-in bath installed is a decision that will change the way you think about bathing.  And as the leading installer of baths in Rochester and Buffalo, Wonder Showers and Baths brings decades of expertise and professional experience to each installation.  To speak with a consultant, discuss your ideas or explore their product line, get in touch with our staff today and we’ll be delighted to assist you.  

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